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Welcome to the G&R webshop.

The G&R webshop allows you to license some of our key products on-line. Please select the product you wish to license. For products not listed here, or larger licenses, please contact a partner or e-mail us at gar@gar.no for a quote.

A support contract is optionally available and will give you access to free updates of the product with corrections and new features during the support period.

Glink for Windows

Glink Professional Edition is a terminal emulator for Windows.

BULL/IBM/Unix/Linux hosts

Unix/Linux hosts

Glink for Java

Glink for Java Professional Edition is a terminal emulator that runs on UNIX/Linux, MAC, Windows or any other Java platform.

BULL/IBM/Unix/Linux hosts

Glink for Android

Glink for Android is a terminal emulator for Tablets and Smartphones with the Android operating system.

Select version:

Support renewal

If you have purchased G&R software with a support agreement in the G&R webshop, the agreement can be renewed for 1-5 years here. The agreement must be renewed before the current support agreement expires.

Enter your product activation key to see the support renewal options available for your license.

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