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When you choose a product for your mission-critical business systems you need to know that if you should meet a problem there is a support organization you can rely on for a timely, engaged and knowledgeable response. We pride ourselves in having such an organization, we care!

Satisfied customers

This is the goal of G&R support. Our customers choose G&R, not just because we deliver market-leading products that meet and exceed the requirements, but because they know that if they meet a problem then G&R support will respond, find and fix that problem. Our products put you in front of your competitors when building systems that improve your business results, and our support keeps you there.
This same engaged and responsive support philosophy applies if you find you need a change or extension in a G&R product to meet your business needs. The path from G&R support to development is short. The cooperation between support and development is excellent. G&R provide customers with the functionality they need in the time frame they have available.

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