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Unix/Linux access

Gallagher & Robertson Unix/Linux host access from Open Systems platforms is based on DEC VTnnn and ANSI terminal emulation, and Application Programming Interfaces.

G&R/Glink is the ideal tool for access to UNIX and Linux host systems. An extremely flexible keyboard configuration GUI makes it easy to adjust control key sequences that are often specialized on these application platforms. The powerful script language offers further flexibility, and performance-improving enhancement possibilities for power users, or for administrators who need to simplify access to the applications for end-users.

Glink for Windows and Glink for Java, the G&R terminal emulators for Windows and Java platforms, offer:

  • DEC VT emulation, for VT102, VT220, VT340 and Regis graphics
  • ANSI 3.64 emulation
  • Host print to the emulations
  • File transfer to the emulations using a wide range of industry standard protocols
  • Choice of SSL/TLS or SSH for encryption and, if wanted, authentification of client and server
  • Glink API for giving your own applications access to the UNIX/Linux applications
  • Glink/FTP for high-speed file transfer between the workstations and application platforms
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