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Gallagher & Robertson specialize in access to legacy applications. Our products include terminal emulators, network printer emulators, file transfer and gateways. However we see the need of many organizations to develop their own applications on Open Systems platforms for access to legacy applications. We meet this need by providing a range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

If you are developing workstation applications closely related to the functionality your legacy applications offer to terminals then Glink API, offered by our terminal emulator, Glink, is a powerful contender. Glink for Windows offers the API on all Windows platforms supported by Microsoft. Glink for Java offers the same API on all Java-enabled workstations, including Windows.

If you are developing server-side applications then Glink API is still a powerful contender. The optimized .NET version of the Glink API is an ideal solution for Windows development using Microsoft or compatible development tools. The optimized Java version of the Glink API is an ideal solution for Java developers.

If your server-side development environment consists of traditional programming tools, then Gline API might be more appropriate. The Gline API consists of a set of subroutine libraries in C, that can be incorporated into server-side programs needing access to legacy applications.

If you are developing Web applications then it might be more appropriate to look at our Web-to-host solutions. Both GlinkWeb and Gweb offer tools for facelifting legacy applications. You can enhance or completely revamp a legacy application.

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