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 All the manuals for the current and previous releases of our products are available for download.

Most files are in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format, if you don't have the Adobe Reader® you can download it here.

Glink for Windows™

See also manuals for previous releases.

Glink for Java™

 See Host Links for installation of the Glink for Java server



Host Links™

  •  General
  •  Gateways
    •   Gproxy Load balancing and license sharing
    •   SSL Secure Socket Layer
  •  Print and File transfer
    •   Gspool Receiving mainframe print
    •   Guft Bull Unified File transfer
    •   Gsftp Secure FTP gateway
  •  Terminal emulators
    •   G3270 Simulate a 3270 terminal on UNIX/Linux
    •   G5250 Simulate a 5250 terminal on UNIX/Linux
    •   Pthru UNIX/Linux gateway for VIP7800 terminals
    •   Qsim Simulate a Bull DKU terminal on UNIX/Linux
    •   V78sim Simulate a Bull VIP7800 terminal on UNIX/Linux
  •  Application Programmer's Interface
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