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There are two editions of Glink for Windows:

Glink Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is intended for freestanding workstation usage, and is licensed by number of seats i.e. the number of workstations on which it is installed, or the number of thin clients that are able to use it in a Windows Terminal Server environment. Glink Professional Edition includes all the emulations, and a single user can start as many simultaneous copies as needed, each with a different configuration, accessing multiple applications on multiple mainframe systems. Glink Professional Edition includes the Glink workstation APIs (COM+ and OLE automation) for application development, but the Professional Edition is restricted to 5 sessions for workstation application programs using the API.

Glink Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is intended for installation on one or more servers supporting Glink usage in several modes, and is licensed by number of simultaneous sessions, regardless of the number of potential users.

  • Web controlled workstations - are workstations that run the Enterprise Edition on the Workstation, automatically downloading new versions as they become available and using configurations maintained centrally on a web server. They consume a license only when being used.
  • GlinkWeb - is the Web-enabling component of Enterprise Edition, running on a .NET Windows server platform. It gives standard browsers 'terminal like' access to the legacy applications. Only browsers connected to a legacy application consume a license.
  • Glink API - is a COM+ and .NET component for developing server side applications, launched from Active Server Pages (ASP) or ASP.NET Web Form (ASPX) pages. The server side application can open any number of sessions to legacy applications, restricted only by the total Enterprise Edition license.
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