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The standard Ggate license is for a given number of sessions that can be spread over any number of servers. Complementary products (Gproxy, Gspool, GUFT) are then licensed by server. An extremely flexible alternative is the GgatePlus license which covers Ggate sessions, and as many copies of complementary products as needed.

When you license GgatePlus for a given number of sessions you can spread those sessions over as many servers as needed. Additionally you can install the complimentary products on as many servers as you need, at no extra cost. Everything is covered by the GgatePlus license.

The Ggate license covers:

  • A given number of Ggate sessions, spread over as many servers as needed
  • Gproxy on each server for monitoring, load-balancing and license sharing
  • Gspool on each server for receiving host print
  • GUFT on each server for file transfer
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