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City of Erie Schools

The School District wanted to web-enable their Student Scheduling application. Working with Bull's e-Business team they used Gweb Professional to face-lift the menu and the student schedule inquiry screen. The School was able to take a sample menu from Bull, and use MS Front-page to generate a new look for the legacy application in record time. Download in Acrobat format

What's my Assignment?

The City of Erie School District oversees the educational activity of more than 12,500 students and a 800 member teaching staff. Each semester the City's public schools administration must create a class/teacher assignment for each high school student . that's 6,000 students x 7 classes x 5 days per week! A tall order.

How Do We Look?

The School District wanted to determine if they could web-enable their own Student Scheduling Application. Working with Bull's e-Business team, the School District used GwebPro software as the web-enabling tool. Together, the team face-lifted the menu and student schedule inquiry screen. Bull provided a sample menu that the School District modified in MS Front-Page allowing it to work for the City's application menu. In record time, the School District had a new look for a legacy application.

A Future Path to the Web

Web-enabling is on the schedule for the City of Erie's public schools. With training from Bull and the right software tools, the School District plans to web-enable the rest of their applications.

"The greatest asset of any school system is its student population. And, one of the major tasks that faces any school system is access to student information.

Anything that we can do to simplify the process is welcome - and, if we can provide increased capability, then we have a winning situation.

When Bull proposed that we could provide a contemporary look and feel to our existing application - without changing the source programs - we were interested.

Our goal was to expose the staff to web-enabling tools in a format and environment that would be conducive to further browser access / enabling. That goal was met and exceeded!

In the education field, it is critical that we remain leaders in providing students and staff easily accessible information. A contemporary Information Technology environment is a requirement to meet the needs of our citizens."

Doug Krugger,
Manager, MIS
City of Erie School District

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