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Glink 8.1b beta is available

This is your chance to qualify R8.1 of Glink Professional. The beta versions of Glink Professional Edition and Glink Enterprise Edition are available for download and test from our distributors.

If you are waiting for functionality in R8.1 of Glink, you should test the beta to be sure that it is working for you.

Previous beta 8.1a | Previous major release 8.0 | Glink information pages | Product sheet | Brochure

What's new in the beta 8.1b

This is a significant release of Glink. It introduces:

  • Windows Vista certification
  • MSI installation
  • UAC (User Account Control)
  • Vista help
  • Enterprise license sharing with Java and .NET Glink/GlinkWeb
  • GlinkWeb and GlinkAPI for .NET
  • UTF-8 encoding for transmission/reception
  • Many new IBM 3270 keyboard functions
  • IBM colour enhancements
  • IBM 3270 transparent PCL print
  • IBM 5250 'host print transform'
  • FTP recursive directory upload and download

Windows Vista certfication

Glink has been qualified in-house on the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and has new functionality for Windows Vista.

This 8.1b beta version of Glink is certified under the Microsoft "Certified for Windows Vista" logo program.

The previous 8.1a beta has already been certified for the Microsoft "Works with Windows Vista" logo.

MSI Installation

The Glink SETUP deliveries are now Microsoft Windows Installer MSI packages supporting 'per user' (default) or 'all users' installations (using the 'Advanced' option). The packages also provide for administrative (silent) installations.


Glink supports UAC (User Account Control), concurrent user sessions and fast user switching scenarios. All executables are delivered with a digital signature and, with the exception of the license upgrade utility (GSTAMP.EXE), contain the program manifests for 'asInvoker' execution level (no elevated privileges required).

Glink directories

For Windows Vista UAC (User Access Control) requirements, the Glink configuration directories /U and /CD now default to directories:


The Glink script and web-controlled demo files are now installed to a '<Glink version>\Demo' directory either in the %LocalAppData% for user installations or %CommonAppData% for 'all users' installations.

The default Glink directories

Per user:


%LocalAppData%\Apps\Glink Professional 8.1 (beta)

GlinkDemoDir (/DD)

%LocalAppData%\Glink Professional 8.1 (beta)

Demo ConfigDir (/CD)


Glink UserDir (/U)


All users:


%ProgramFiles%\Glink Professional 8.1 (beta)

GlinkDemoDir (/DD)

%CommonAppData%\Glink Professional 8.1 (beta)

Demo ConfigDir (/CD)


Glink UserDir (/U)


For details on the actual locations of these directories, refer to the following 'Directories used by the emulator' and 'Windows platform directory locations' sections.

Glink Help on Vista

Microsoft has now made their Vista version of WinHlp32.exe available for download.

If the updated WinHlp32 is not available on the Vista workstation Glink prompts the user to collect the new version from this location the first time help is accessed.

Glink Enterprise Edition

License server

Glink Enterprise Edition: now supports sharing of session licenses with the Java and .Net versions of Glink and GlinkWeb by using /CS or /CSSL instead of the /LS command line option.

GlinkWeb: the ASP version of GlinkWeb (Glink in Web mode) has been deprecated and Glink Enterprise Edition customers should upgrade to the new GlinkWeb .NET version.

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