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G&R at Summit 2005

G&R, true to tradition, attended the Bull Summit 2005 conference at the Hilton Pointe Tapatio Cliffs resort in Phoenix, Arizona from May 10th to May 13th.

G&R's General Manager, Michael Sandøy, made a General session presentation with the title:

  • "Gallagher & Robertson, Committed to open systems and standards".


Michael's presentation told how G&R’s commitment to standards has enabled us to deliver software solutions on state-of-the-art open systems for more than 20 years, including Bull’s new NovaScale line of servers based on the Intel Itanium Processor family.

He gave an overview of our current product offer with references to the evolution of mainframe access technology. G&R’s objective is to provide efficient, reliable and scalable solutions on affordable platforms. To achieve that we have had a strong focus on standards, open systems and cross platform technologies.

Gallagher & Robertson is committed to open systems and standards Since it's founding in 1982, G&R has always been an independent software provider with focus on open systems. G&R specializes in products that allow workstations, browsers, open system clients and e-Business applications to connect to mainframe applications on Bull GCOS, IBM OS/390 and UNIX systems.

In 2000, G&R committed to port its Host Links applications to Bull's line of Itanium-based servers that run the latest 64-bit Linux and 64-bit Windows operating systems. The latest Host Links release (6.2) delivers on that commitment.

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