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The Glink time of day (tip)

Many Glink users are busy with their day to day work, and don't have the time to find interesting features.

This tip is about use of the time of day function. If you have any tips that you think might be useful to other Glink users, please send them to us for consideration.

Like most fully functional PC-based terminal emulators Glink has a clock display in the status line (that can be disabled in screen settings => options).

The VIP7800 terminal has an optional 'time of day' clock that is enabled with a CSI sequence (GCOS7/DKU people, please keep on reading):

Esc [  PhPhPmPm t
1B  5B          74

Where PhPhPmPm is a four digit number giving a time in 24 hour military notation to initialize the clock e.g.

6pm => 1800

Glink supports this clock in addition to its own clock. This can be very useful if you often use Glink with systems that run in another time zone. For example, many people in the Bull GCOS8 mainframe support environment use System J in Phoenix Arizona. They might find it useful to be reminded of what the time is 'over there'. The GCOS8 time of day can be initialized very simply by adding a line of tex to your ..init file:


Whenever you log in, a second clock with GCOS8 time will appear in the Glink status line.

Even if you don't use systems in another time zone, it can be **very** reassuring to know the time of day as perceived by the system you are accessing, especially just after winter/summer time changes.

The TOD CSI sequence does not collide with any CSI sequence defined for the DKU terminal, and so Glink allows it for the DKU emulation too. I am afraid that my knowledge of IOF is not sufficient to say if there is a correspondingly easy way of adding output of the correct CSI sequence to IOF initialization so that Glink will display GCOS7 time of day, but perhaps someone out there is more knowledgeable?

The GCOS time of day might also be useful for TDS/TP8 users. Your login transaction might benefit from a tiny change to add the GCOS time to the Glink status line.

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